OAIF Opportunity fund

OAIF Opportunity Fund

The open-end equity investment fund with a public offering “Opportunity fund” was created in the first phase of the transformation of ZMIF in the transformation of Kristal invest fond jsc Banja Luka by transferring part of the property nvestment fund management company “Kristal invest” a.d. Banja Luka proportionally to the ownership share in ZMIF in the transformation of Kristal invest fond jsc Banja Luka transferred ownership to the shares of an open-end investment fund.

As the number of issued shares in ZMIF in the transformation of Kristal invest fond a.d. Banja Luka 3,224,829 shares, accordingly, each owner of one share of ZMIF in the transformation of Kristal invest fond jsc Banja Luka became the owner of one unit in the open-end fund in the initial valuation where the capital of the open-end fund was divided into 3,224,829 units.

An open-end investment fund with a public offering, the Opportunity Fund, is organized as an open-end investment fund and is managed exclusively for the benefit of the unit-holders. The Fund operates in accordance with the Law and the Rules of the Securities Commission of the Republika Srpska.

The fund belongs to the type of open-end investment funds with a public offering whose operations and other issues of importance for work are regulated by the Law, as well as the regulations of the RS Securities Commission.

A subtype of the Fund is an equity fund that has invested primarily in equities, as well as other securities, money market instruments and cash deposits.

Net Asset Value of OAIF Opportunity fund on day 30.07.2021.

Net Asset Value
Net Asset Value per share

Basic information

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Basic fund information

Name: Open-end equity investment fund „Opportunity fund“

Abbreviated name: OAIF „Opportunity fund“

Management Company address: Milana Rakića 1, 78000 Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Phone: + 387 51 320 230

Fax: + 387 51 307 266

E-mail: info@kristalinvest.com

Web site: www.kristalinvest.com

Depositary bank: Nova banka jsc Banja Luka, Kralja Alfonsa XIII 37A Banja Luka

Republic of Srpska Securities Commission approval : Approval number 01-UP-51-302-4/17

Capital: 21.604.676,89 BAM

Number of issued units: 3.224.829

Nominal value per unit:  6,6995 BAM

Legal representative: Goran Klincov, Executive director

Nenad Tomović, Executive director

Management Company fee: 3,50% annual average net asset value

Funds entrance fee: 0%

Funds exit fee: 3,5%

Bank account: 555100 00347393 54 Nova banka jsc Banja Luka

Investment goal

The investment goal of the Fund is to achieve higher returns in the long run, which would lead to:

  1. growth of the value of the Fund's share,
  2. maintaining satisfactory liquidity of the Fund so that each unit holder can exercise his right to payment.

The Company will realize the defined investment goal by pursuing a high-risk investment policy inherent in an equity fund that invests its assets mainly in shares. Due to the volatile nature of shares, such funds carry a high risk, but also the possibility of achieving higher returns.

Who is the Fund intended for?

Investors in the Fund can be all natural and legal persons who are allowed to do so by the provisions of the Law and other regulations.

Given the Fund's goal and investment strategy, the Fund is primarily intended for all individuals and legal entities with high risk tolerance, who want to take advantage of higher returns provided by shares, more experienced investors who want to achieve specific investment goals, and investors who want to diversify the structure of their property.


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